About Us

Neno is developed by Jensen Technologies SL, an international company based in Granada, Spain. Neno was launched in the spring of 2015 after more than 3600 hours of work.

The word “Neno” means “word” in Swahili. We named it that because “Joomla!” is named after the Swahili word for "all together" or "as a whole."


About Jensen Technologies SL

Jensen Technologies SL is a limited liability company founded in Granada (Spain) that currently consists of 7 people. Our team also develops and supports www.component-creator.com, a highly popular service that allows Joomla! developers to more rapidly create components and modules for Joomla!.

Jensen Technologies is 100% committed to Joomla! development and is specialized in creating technologies that focus on usability and functionality. We love taking complex ideas and business processes and turning them into workable online services. We also do this for selective clients over at www.notwebdesign.com


Jensen Technologies SL
Calle Granada 21
18008 Granada

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About Soren Beck Jensen

Soren (@sorenbeck) is the founder, CEO and owner of Jensen Technologies, and is originally from Denmark. Soren has been in the internet industry since 1994, and founded what was to become Jensen Technologies SL in 2005.

Soren is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the world, a member of the Joomla! Resources Directory team, a mentor for the Google Summer of Code program and a Joomla! Magazine contributor.